Terms and Conditions

By joining projectcube.net you agree to the following:

I agree that this donation is a gift to "ProjectCUBE" and that this is not an exchange for a physical item. Any virtual gifts given to me for my donation are not purchased by this payment but are a show of our gratitude for helping pay for our high hosting fees.

I understand that "ProjectCUBE" does not offer refunds, because the money is spent on hosting fees and other services as soon as it's received. If a refund is initiated I agree that I might get banned however the money will be returned to me and that if I appeal I have a chance to play on the server again.

I agree that I am making this donation using a payment method that I am authorized to use.

I also agree that if I am under 18 years of age that I have the permission to use currency that is under my parents name/legal guardians name and that I take full responsibility for my actions.

I also agree that all of the items and or ranks that I am donating for can be gained without paying any money and so I am directly supporting the server and expect no special treatment in return for my donation.

We reserve the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to change or modify this Agreement, and any policies or agreements which are incorporated herein, at any time and without notice. Any such changes or modification shall be effective immediately upon posting to this website ("Site"). If you do not agree to be bound by this Agreement as last revised as indicated by the "Last Revised" date located at the bottom of this Agreement, do not join or rejoin the network.

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2018